Thursday, December 30, 2004

Welsh Assembly should make disaster donation

Welsh Assembly should donate to Tsunami Appeal

The British government deserve credit for making the welcome decision fpr the increased amount of aid promised for the rescue efforts and to help rebuild the effected areas, but the international agencies have made it clear that billions not millions will be needed.

We have a moral obligation to try and do something to help. Apart from anything else this is a tragedy which will touch the lives of many Welsh families. We received an email this morning from my brother to say he was alright. He missed the tidal wave in Phuket by just 20 minutes. For many others the agony of being unable to contact loved ones goes on.

There is no reason why the Welsh Assembly should not pledge to make an additional sum available on top of what is being provided by the Government. Clearly we do not have the same level of resources, but with a budget of around £14billion a year we could certainly offer something and if we were to do so hopefully other devolved bodies would follow suit.

I have written to Rhodri Morgan for this to be given urgent consideration. I am sure that every member of the Assembly would support the idea of making a generous donation from Wales.


Blogger Bishop Hill said...

No it shouldn't. Charity is a function of individuals and not government. I am quite capable of giving MY money to the charity of my choice. I don't need a government to do it for me.

(Disclaimer: I don't live in Wales, so it's not my money in this particular case, but you get my point.)

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