Monday, January 24, 2005

How to cut taxes not services

Wayne David MP challenged me on air this morning to state how the Conservative Party could cut government spending without affecting frontline services. No problem Wayne! here are just a few suggestions that would save millions of pounds in Wales alone.

1. Scrap plans for "free" school breakfasts which could cost up to £80 million per year.

2. Get rid of the "Welsh Embassies" which are being opened up in exotic cities across the world and which will no doubt be visited by Ministers on a regular basis.

3. Scrap the NHS Equality Unit. This is an organisation funded out of NHS money which looks for examples of "homophobia and racism" in the NHS. If the NHS is a racist organisation it has
certainly escaped people's attention. I suspect that most patients black white and Asian would rather see NHS money spent on doctors and nurses.

4. Stop funding politically correct organisations which claim to stick up for minority groups. Here are a few examples: Stonewall, the Ethnic Business Support Programme, the Minority Ethnic Women's Network, The Black Environmental Network, the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association. (there are plenty of others) At the same time cancel funding on other ridiculous projects such as the £100,000, given to a theatre group who toured Wales, with a play about a single parent mother from West Wales who wanted to become a plumber but met with sexist attitudes and a like of bi-lingual child care facilities.

It took me less than 5 minutes to think of the above examples - there are many many more!


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