Monday, August 21, 2006

Eastern Europe immigration

A report out tomorrow from the Home Office will apparently suggest that on acquiring its EU status vastly greater numbers of immigrants from Poland Hungary and other eastern European countries arrived than were expected.

What did the government expect? Immigration results from differences in living standards and there is a big enough gap between those in the new EU states and the old ones to encourage large numbers to try their luck.

What should concern the government now are the vast numbers of Romanians who will shortly be following in their footsteps.

Living standards in Romania are far below those in next door Hungary and tens of thousands are chomping at the bit to get out. As soon as its membership of the EU is concerned they will make for Britain where they will take jobs that should be done by British workers and push down wages for everyone at the bottom end of the employment ladder.

They will soon find that Britain is a treasure island when it comes to a range of benefits from child allowances (even for children back in Eastern Europe) to the NHS not to mention a range of fringe benefits such as being able to insist that cash strapped local authorities translate every trivial document they produce into your native tongue.

Rather than debate immigration from Eastern Europe or elsewhere in rational matter the political left prefer to shout “racism.” No doubt any reading this will do so. My response to them is that I personally am married to Hungarian and our children are being brought up bilingually. We fly to Hungary several times a year and (unlike many immigrants to the UK) I have made an effort to learn the language so that I can “integrate” when we are there.

My issue is one of practicalities no prejudice. If we encourage vast numbers to leave their homes and come to the UK we will damage the economies of the countries they leave behind, we will undermine the public services of the towns where they congregate, we will be handing a blank cheque to unscrupulous employers who want to pay the lowest possible wages and we will stoke up prejudice from British citizens who are unable to find work because their jobs have been taken by new arrivals.

This is not a situation that any true friend of Eastern Europe could possibly want to see and pointing this out is not racism but plain common sense.


Blogger Audrey said...

Is the free movement of people, lowering wages and thereby bringing down the cost of enterprises not a central tenet of Tory faith?

Kind regards

Audrey Wylfing

11:10 PM  
Blogger Sir-C4' said...

Yet another pedantic Guardianista who forgets that you cannot have rights without responsibilities.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Fruning Graplecard said...

I can only speak for my former home county, Linconlnshire, which has seen an influx of foreign workers. (Perhaps I cannot say "foreign" these days?) Anyway, the tradition was that the low paid and unemployed went into the fields and picked vegetables. There was no protection, no helath and safety - If your hand got chopped off in a machine you were buggered. They signed on for the dole, and went to work. Nowadays these jobs are done by workers from elsewhere.

In a way, the locals have themselves to blame because they created this, how can you put it, "grey" economy and allowed it to become embedded in the local psyche.

Unfortunately it is not working out. There is much mutual resentment and in one area, there is a pub where you cannot get a drink if you do not speak the language of the migrants.

This influx might have worked if there had been an undestanding that migrants were there temprorily but that is not the case. They are here, but they are not here. They are entitled to the protection of our police, but they do not pay council tax. They can be treated at the hospital, but they do not pay NHS contributions. They cannot be criticised because that is a hate crime. They are to all intents and purposes beyond societal control - far less so than the indigenous population. We only have to look at the Morcambe Bay tragedy to see where it can end.

Hardly surprising then that the government has been "coy" about the figures.

Any further rise in this amorphous social group can only result in a rise in crime, strain on public services and local resentment.

It is time to say, "enough is enough".

4:00 PM  
Blogger Prodicus said...

>child allowances (even for children back in Eastern Europe) <

Eh? What? I can understand Brown packing the vote here, but... Romania? Madness. And it's MY money!

10:45 AM  
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Blogger Unknown said...

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