Saturday, July 30, 2005

Not so secret funding for militants

A favourite accusation of the anti-war brigade is that the West is to blame for Islamic terrorism as, for years, our governments “secretly funded militant groups.” With the news that arrested suicide bomb suspects were living on generous British state benefits perhaps we should give this argument more credence!


Blogger Mark said...

What would you propose?

State benefits cannot be linked to "conditions", but should, and are, linked to needs.

Where would you draw the line? Taking your argument to an extreme, a typical benefit application form could read:

Q1) Do you a militant?
Q2) Do you agree with the policies of the current government?
Q3) Are you a member of any political party?
Q4) If so, is it one we approve of?

Just because a person is opposed to government policy that does not automatically make them a terrorist.

Again, a knee-jerk reaction could penalise a large number of people for the actions of an extreme few, who the vast majority do not support.

By all means clamp down, and clamp down hard, on extremists, but do not fan the flames of bigotry and hatred they are ignighting.

8:20 AM  
Blogger David Davies AM said...

Have to disagree - state benefits for asylum seekers can and shuld be linked to conditions and if the conditions are not met they should be stopped.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I think you are missing the point:

a) As far as I am aware, the bombers were all British, or British Nationals. I.E. British citizens, not asylum seekers.

b) I thought asylum seekers were not entitled to benefits, merely food vouchers?

c) Removing state benefits from asylum seekers would force them to work illegally, with more chance of them being "lost" in the system.

I am totally in support of clamping down on crazed clerics preaching death and hatred outside Mosques. They do nothing but incite violence, and represent a tiny minority of views. They should be dealt with swiftly and decisively.

I do not consider that "human rights", as used currently, should be used as a shield to protect such people. They do not deserve human rights, as the seek to remove others' rights at every opportunity.

We do, however, need to ensure that the rights of the vast majority of decent citizens are preserved, with acceptable modifications if neccessary to protect society.

4:32 AM  
Blogger dellboy said...

Human rights have shielded these "Traitors" for years. Immams are not trained, they have no qualifications whatsoever. They are elected by the mass, but not necesseraly in the Mosque's they preach in. Once an Immam always an Immam - anywhere. In this country the church and congregation support the vicar. So - if these Immams come to this country they should be paid by the mosque they wish to be associated with, thus saving us millions in handouts. If they are quilty of inciting violence - in anyway - they must be deported forthwith with their families with no redress - as in France.

Will all of Tony's preaching of late come to fruition - I very much doubt it - he has his wife to deal with first :-)
Derekof monmouth

2:06 AM  
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Blogger ddisanazi said...

osama bin lade, the famous hater of gays (no not the mp for monmouthshire, the other most horrible man on earth), was funded by the saudis. and us for years, and allied with thatcher in the war in afghanistan, indeed a british sas officer met him, yiou can'ty say this though, and when you say can't say this, i d o not mean, like when a nazi, says he wants to open a gas camp, in monmouth, then the pc, lot like me, condemn him, and then he says, "you can't say that though" i measn you really can't say that osama bin ladden, was a ally of the saudis, and thatcher for years.

1:59 PM  

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