Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Double standards

What a shame that some of the people who have condemned the terrorist attacks have gone on to add a silent "but" demanding that we should understand the "anger that people feel about the situation in Palestine / Iraq."

Following the bombs a number of asians living in Britian suffered random attacks and verbal abuse. These have been rightly condemned by all commentators.

No excuses for this kind of behaviour have been made on the lines of "verbal abuse towards Muslims is to be condemned but of course we understand why people feel angry...we cannot separate these attacks from what has been happening in London....."

Those who cannot bring themselves to condemn terrorism without ambiguity or qualification are making matters worse.


Blogger Derek of Monmouth said...

I am afraid you are right David.
It is the P.C. D.G's who muddy the water - Sorry ( Pol Correct and Doo Gooders)If you surf the channels on TV, there has been quite a few, differing, progs on the last war and after. If you put the present situation into a 1940 cynario (spelling) I don't think the people then would have stood for half as much as we stand for, this is not a good thing in the long term. We have got to seriously think of the security of our home land before anything else.
Because it is US the people who will suffer if Politicians make a cock up.
Just like this Bird Flu - are we going to wait till it is nocking on the door?

3:07 AM  

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