Friday, July 15, 2005

the fanatics must be stopped

In the aftermath of the bombing I hope the government will now take a look at those who have been responsible for whipping up the hatred which led to these attacks.

It is inconceivable that Winston Churchill would have allowed Nazi demagogues to hold rallies in British cities during the Second World War urging impressionable youths to join the SS. Yet here we are fighting another “war” the “war on terror” with apologists recruiting outside, and possibly inside certain Mosques in various British cities.

We know that the vast majority of Muslims do not wish to be associated with this, and many Muslim organisations have unambiguously condemned the attacks. I hope they will now go further and work to silence the irresponsible voices in their community or make it abundantly clear that those voices are not representative.


Blogger Mark said...


Whilst we must ensure that any response to these atrocities are measured and not the typical "knee-jerk" reaction we have seen in the past, it is important that fundamental changes are made as quickly as possible.

Civil liberties and freedom of movement come at a cost, and we have seen the results all too well over the past few weeks.

I, for one, would have no objections to being stopped and searched, if I felt that such a policy would place terrorists on the back foot. If a small amount of inconvenience prevented more senseless murders, then I am all for it.

As for those who preach hatred and incite violence and murder against the population of this country, they should be dealt with more robustly by the courts and sentenced to long terms in prison.

I am surprised that they are allowed to carry on unchallenged at the moment. Is this because the police are reluctant to act, for fear of inflaming the situation? If so, this should be address immediately. If they are unable to act as the result of inadequacies in legislation then this should be rectified by Parliament as a matter of urgency.

Deportation should not be an option, as this still gives them freedom to direct terrorism from abroad.

I was amazed to hear that police were able to link the bombings to Leeds after a member of the community contacted them regarding the activities of one of the bombers. Apparently, he was known to have visited Pakistan on a number of occasions for “military training” and was also known to have had “extreme views”. As a youth leader he also had access to impressionable young people. WHY DID THIS INFORMANT CHOOSE TO TELL THE POLICE THESE FACTS NOW? Why wasn’t such information passed to them earlier, possibly preventing these terrible events?

Finally, may I commend the Police, MI5 and all other agencies involved, for a superb investigation thus far.



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Blogger Mark O'Brien said...

I came across an intersting article today which puts the whole matter in rather stark and frank terms and which may sum up all of our problems very well:

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Blogger dellboy said...

I'm afraid I think this government is trying to work both sides of the street.
On the one hand it advercates Human rights.
Then causes a war which takes a nations human rights away.
Then it turns round and says it can't help the trial of the cruellist man on earth, which it helped to depose, because of HIS human rights.
Confused! you should be.

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Blogger dellboy said...

The British public have been, for ages, seeing pictures of these Mulla's in the media preaching hate against this country.
The British public has been asking for ages - how do these people get away with it. The answer we are given is "We can't touch them because of their human rights".

I'm sorry - we never had Human rights prior to the EU, we survived then, so why can't we ditch this useless EU directive and get on with OUR lives.

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Blogger ddisanazi said...

no wonder people are suicide bombers in leeds, they are brought up to belive murdererds, and scum like nelson were good, a man who killed hundreds of people in naples, who shelled monasteries, and seduced other men's wives,

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