Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Was Cherie watching?

Tony Blair was at his Churchillian finest last night when he appeared on the news condemning all suicide bombers. ( )

Let's hope Mrs Blair now shares these fine sentiments.....


Blogger dellboy said...

I am afraid that Blair is all talk, he tells us what he thinks we want to hear, then forgets all about it or changes the subject.
The main problem with Blair, is that his wife is to closing aligned with Human Rights, if Cherie says "No Tony" forget it, nothing will happen.
For the good of Tony Blair and the Country, Cherie should climbdown and move more into the background and become a Prime Minsters WIFE, not a mouthpiece of her own. This only confuses the issues of the day.
Will this happen - NO!

2:13 AM  
Blogger Guvnor said...

An ITV reporter summed Blair's reaction up very well. It was an old phrase, but when you think about stable doors and horses disappearing long before, it rings true.

Being a Bradfordian, we tried to warn the government about a problem; given that it was plastered all over our TV screens when there were the riots, you may have been forgiven for him being concerned about problems. Yet not wanting to upset any minorities, he quietly swept the issues under the proverbial carpet.

Why were few from Bradford surprised to learn that a suicide bomber was born in Bradford, yet for the government this came as a shock? Not even Churchill picked up the mess this far down the line. And the days of fighting armies in uniforms are long gone. This is probably the biggest change the world has seen in warfare and world politics since 1939. So Blair NEEDS to be more like Churchill, or there may be a new prime minister who will have a major headache when he wakes up after the next General Election.

If anybody is reading this, I have an interesting article written about the future of Iraq on my blog.

Iraq Constitution & The Power Vacuum

The Guvnor Times

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