Sunday, March 05, 2006

David Miliband has denounced suggestions that the split between Tessa Jowell and her husband took place for political reasons. Given that Downing Street press officers were giving detailed briefings to Fleet Street journalists almost as soon as the news broke it is hard not to feel that something doesn't quite add up.

On the subject most Cabinet Ministers are refusing to say if they or their spouses have "offshore" accounts. I think it is a fair question to ask of MPs so I shall come clean and say that my wife has. It is a current account in her native country of Hungary with about £200 in it which we use when we go over to visit the in-laws.

If she ever announced over breakfast that someone had put £300,000 into it as a "gift" then I would certainly be curious enough to ask a few questions.

However things like this don't to us, nor indeed to the vast majority of people, only it seems to high ranking members of the political party which claims to be the voice of the British working class.

What would Keir Hardie have made of it all?


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