Thursday, June 22, 2006

Engerrland Engerrland Engerrland

I don’t follow football. I have attended one match in my life, and I would struggle to name more than two members of the English team. This is, you will agree, a shocking confession from a politician - after all we are constantly meant to show how “in touch” we are. But there is hope for me yet. My neighbour Dave is a fanatic who will organise parties and bar-b-ques around the games so I will no doubt be enjoying a few of the matches. And this Welsh speaking descendent of Glyndwr will certainly be cheering for England. What is it with us Welsh that we have to perpetuate hatreds that go back hundreds of years? It smacks of chippiness and a sense of inferiorority. When Wales play rugby against France most English people cheer for Wales. And so they should. It’s about time we grew up a bit and started displaying a little more self confidence.


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