Sunday, April 23, 2006

Two items catch my eye in today’s news. A whining rant from a race relations advisor “Professor” Ted Cantle. Cantle appears to be a big noise in race relations and suggested that blacks and Asians cannot be safe living amongst whites. Comments like this perpetuate the favourite myth of the grievance industry that racism is something caused only by whites and that only blacks and Asians can be victims of it. Cantle also complained that parts of the country are “unhealthily all white.” I wonder what would he have said had anyone described parts of London as being “unhealthily all black”?

Faith in our nation was restored when I read an interview with Rear-Admiral Amjad Hussain. Britains first Muslim Admiral told how through his own hard work and ability he was able to rise from being the son of a penniless immigrant to a senior rank in the armed forces where he has served his country with great distinction. I heartily congratulate Admiral Hussain our country could do with many more like him. And merely by his example he will do far more for race relations in the UK than any number of whinging white liberals like “Professor” Cantle.


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I totally agree with you on both points.

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