Monday, May 22, 2006

A civilized society?

The News of World has been doing a laudable job of campaigning against the secret bail hostels which have been springing up in town centres to house dangerous paedophiles.

Last Sunday the paper drew attention to the case of Robert Oliver, one of the beasts responsible for raping and killing a 14 year old boy. Oliver was jailed in 1989 for “life” but was out after just 8 years.

The real question is this: Why are these people ever allowed out of jail again? Why are their “human rights” worth so much more than the rights of the innocent who they raped and murdered? Reading this story it came home to me in stark terms that as a society we have plunged to a new low. So little do we care about the lives of our children that those who rape and kill them can be released back onto our streets after a few years in a comfortable prison watching television and making use of the abundant leisure facilities.

We no longer have the right to think of ourselves as a civilized society.


Blogger Derek of Monmouth said...

To follow on from my last Comment.
If YOU the Opposition give us hope that YOU might do something about it, then WE the voter could vote for YOU to become the Government.
Cameron whould appear to be only interested in pacifying the so-called minorities and females of this country.

3:11 AM  
Blogger Derek of Monmouth said...

Well done David - nice to see your name in the paper from time to time. Hope it is being noted by those who are in the know :-)

9:38 AM  
Blogger David Davies AM said...

Thanks Derek, I think it is being noted though whether it meets with approval I cannot say.

You are right it is time for the opposition to do something and at the end of June I intend to launch a pressure group to campaign for an end to all forms of early prisoner release.

No more tags, parole, early release. Prison works and it's about time politicians started saying so.

12:12 PM  

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