Monday, January 15, 2007

IND Scandal

Another scandal concerns the Immigration and Nationality Department who are answerable to, yes you guessed it, the Home Office.

I was told nearly a year ago that the IND have paid out vast sums of money to Asylum Seekers and the lawyers who lodged spurious compensation claims against it.

Keen to find out if this could be true a tabled a question on the matter last June. After some fudging I was told in October that a Minister would write to me soon.

Needless to say I never heard another thing.

The House of Commons library rang and asked for the statistics but were told they could not have them so in December I submitted a Freedom of Information request which has not even been acknowledged.

I shall update readers on my progress.


Blogger paige said...

It appears to me that the Conservatives are garnering an awful lot of satisfaction from these scandals.

Yet you are the shadow cabinet and should be making a great deal more noise in the House and if necessary calling for a No confidence vote to be called for on this Government.

They have destroyed our borders, let criminals go free, they are unreliable and some are presently under investigation by the police.

It seems to me they have broken the code of conduct on numerous occasions and yet you remain perfectly quiet.
I'm confused are you Tory or an extention of Nu Labour?

1:20 PM  

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