Thursday, May 03, 2007

The fall of Lord Browne

Telling lies in Court is something that cannot be condoned under any circumstances and the position of Lord Browne as Chief Executive of BP became untenable when it became clear he had done so. Yet I am surely not alone in feeling some sympathy for him. I have never met Lord Browne, and as readers of this blog will know I have no time for the ridiculous antics of the militant gay lobby who demand, and get, large sums of public funding in order to promote their agenda.

But Lord Browne has never gone around acting like Dafydd from Little Britain. He has spent much of his life building one of Britain’s most successful companies. He has never commented on his own private life, or anyone else's, so it is beyond me why anyone would have a genuine interest in the people with whom he spends his rare moments of free time.


Blogger Oscar said...

What about Clwyd west?? Bloody good result,all helped by the Westminster 3 getting in in 2005 I think.

11:51 AM  

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