Monday, July 09, 2007

Iraq alone was reason enough to remain seated. It has been an unmitigated disaster for all concerned and it is time for politicians who supported the war to stand up explain and apologise.

I was in the Welsh Assembly at the time, and not required to vote. But when asked I reluctantly supported an invasion believing what I was told, which was that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

If the evidence looked a bit weak, like many others I assumed that the Prime Minister knew something the rest of us didn’t.

He did. He knew that claims about WMD were at best an exaggeration and at worst plain fiction.

When it became clear that there were none we were told that it was all about removing an evil dictator which Hussein certainly was. However if removing evil dictators were the basis of our foreign and defence policies our troops would have already invaded virtually every country in sub Saharan Africa and quite a few elsewhere.

A bloodbath will now unfold regardless of whether we stay or go. Hundreds of young British soldiers have lost their lives as have hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. The Iraqi “police” who we have trained appear to be little more than paramilitaries in uniform and have been involved in the kidnapping of British citizens.

Whether we stay or go the country is doomed, why should the lives of any more British soldiers be lost.

But let us not think that the war has led to the current bombing campaign by Islamic terrorists. Those responsible would be letting off bombs regardless because their real goal is not the removal of British troops from Iraq , but the imposition of an Islamic state or Caliphate across the Muslim World and Europe .

Organisation sharing this aim have been recruiting in British Universities since the early 90s.

Meanwhile decades of state sponsored support for multiculturalism have enabled many people think that they can retain their own language customs and culture and live in ghettos in certain British cities whilst making no effort whatsoever to interact with the indigenous population. This has been the crucible in which Islamic extremism has been formed.

Governments have been afraid to tackle the Islamists for fear of being called racist. This is been made easy by all manner of government policies which will pay for the translation of documents into any language, legal aid for those who don’t like British laws about matters such as the veil, and a benefits system which recognizes polygamy. Throughout every area of public lifer there is an unwillingness to challenge minorities whose behaviour falls below accepted standards for fear of being branded a bigot so whilst domestic violence units in police forces rightly clamp down on drunks who beat their wives, honour killings and female genital mutilation continue unchecked.

The time has come for British citizens of all colours and religions to say as one that anyone who wanting to live in Britain should be prepared to respect the culture and way of life. Those who don’t should be strongly encouraged to go elsewhere.


Blogger Sir-C4' said...

I would recommend that the Honourable Member for Mommouth should read Saddam Secrets by the retired Iraqi Air Vice Marshall Georges Sada before writing off the Liberation of Iraq and the evidence of WMDs completely.

However, I am in complete agreement with the Honourable Friend on the rest of his statement.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Is it not a result of aggressive and provocative policies producing reaction and disasterous consequences? I can’t help believing that interference in other peoples’ affairs exacerbates conflict.
Wales as an independent nation would have no quarrel with anybody (cf Ireland, Norway, Sweden) and would therefore not invite terrorist activities or Wahabi Islamic retribution.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Steven_L said...

Come off it alanindyfed. Wales and Scotland can't just conveniently opt out of living on the same island as us English whenever they feel it suits them.

Ireland didn't even want to have a quarrel with Hitler, but if he'd won the war I very much doubt he would have returned the favour.

As for 'Wahabi Islamic retribution' we actually get on quite well with the Saudi Arabians and trust them so much we are currently in the process of arming them with generation 4.5 fighter-bombers.

Bin-Laden and his ilk want to overthrow the House of Saud, in other words cause a civil war in the Muslim holy land that would escalate into a worldwide bloodbath as various religious maniacs took sides and started fighting on the streets of West Yorkshire.

6:00 PM  
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Blogger TheBigotBasher said...

David, when can we expect the Prime Minister to call the promised enquiry into the circumstances of the Iraq war.

This should be no whitewash. If Brown does not do it, the Conservative Party should make it a manifesto commitment.

Any enquiry should cover ministerial conduct, the issues surrounding the lead up to the start of the war, the prosecution of that war and the consequences of that War. Including our liabilities to date and any ongoing liabilities. The enquiry should be fully prepared to consider references to whether the UK was complicit in War crimes, especially in light of recent revelations by the USA.

2:16 PM  

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