Sunday, February 27, 2005

Gender mapping cost

Further to my recent blog about Torfaen Council's "gender mapping" exercise I have now received the costs. £10,000 was spent on consultants and another £3,000 was spent on a conference to discuss it all which was attended by over 100 local government officers. One wonders how much time they spent discussing the future of one of their best schools, Ponthir, which along with three others faces closure because of Torfaen's chronic shortage of money.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Human Rights and New Labour

Labour are trying to suggest that anyone who opposes the idea that former Marxist Charles Clarke should be allowed to imprison people without trial, is willing to see British citizens being murdered by suicide bombers. In reality they themselves brought about the situation, whereby foreign terrorists can roam freely around the country, when they signed the Human Rights Act. As a result of this act the "human rights" of British subjects are about to severely curtailed.
If Labour are really concerned about terrorism they could admit they made a mistake and renounce the act. This would then allow them to give foreign terrorist suspects the choice of remaining under lock and key in the UK or being put on the first plane back to wherever they came from.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Michael Foster fails the originality test

Step forward Worcester MP Michael Foster you stand guilty of a failure to think for yourself. Mr Foster has issued one of the press releases Labour's spin doctors have written for their MPs. It is the one announcing the "what makes you proud contest".

Here is a link to Mr Foster's press release, and here on my website is the original !

What makes me proud to be a Conservative is that I am capable of writing my own press releases. But to be fair I am sure Mr Foster isn't the only one can't even think up an original election message. I look forward to being emailed details of more! If any Labour MPs have mislaid any of the press releases they have been instructed to send out they can find the rest of them on this link.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Car valeting - the key to the economy

We have all seen numerous examples of the EU flag on signs boasting that this or that project was funded by the EU. It would be more honest to state that the projects in question are funded by British tax payers who give their money to the Government, who in turn pass it on to Brussels, who waste a large proportion of it, before handing back a greatly reduced amount, then boasting of their generosity on the signs.

Driving through southern Hungary last week en-route to see the in laws we pulled up at a set of traffic lights and there too was one of the flags and signs prominently attached to a car valeting centre. The writing suggested that this was part of an EU effort to boost the local economy. I am sure that someone is benefiting from this, but I am not sure it will be the citizens of the town in question.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Labour election plans

As promised here are some of the documents being sent out to Labour MPs. They include "model press releases" - all the MP has to do is fill in the blanks for their name and constituency! I wonder how many will follow their instructions to the letter and how many will have the intelligence to write their own press releases. Perhaps bloggers who spot one of the millbank missives in their local press could let us know so we can see who can and who cannot think for themselves.

Monday, February 07, 2005

The idiots guide to being a Labour MP

After 8 years in Government the Labour Party clearly do not have a very high regard for the intelligence of their backbench MPs as they have given them step by step instructions on how to fight the election complete with template press releases and letters. If time, and my scanner, allow I shall entertain readers of this column by posting some of the Millbank missives onto my website. Those who can't wait will find much of it on the following link to the Western Mail. Who knows their publication might even embarrass Labour MPs into writing their own articles for the local paper!