Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You're out of touch m'lud

The following letter was sent to the Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips who has today called for more convicted offenders to be given community service orders or probation instead of prison sentences.

Dear Lord Phillips

I am writing to express my disappointment that you have called for fewer convicted offenders to be imprisoned despite that fact that this is the only sentencing option which has any impact on offender behaviour.

You state that prisons are overcrowded, but the obvious solution is to build more prisons rather than allowing prisoners back onto the streets where they can continue to victimise innocent members of the public.

Our newspapers are awash with stories of violent murders and rapes, whilst “lesser” crimes such as burglary are so prevalent they rarely even make the local papers. One of the prime causes of the breakdown in law and order is that offenders know that they have only a 1 in 20 chance of being convicted, and that if they are convicted their punishment is likely to consist of a few hours a week on a community service order (if they can be bothered to show up) or a half hour chat every week with a probation officer. Meanwhile they are at liberty to continue committing offences and most of them do so.

The few who are imprisoned are unable to carry out offences whilst in prison but of course they know that their sentences will be automatically halved. Many are released before the half way point on a tag. This cavalier attitude towards sentencing has been encouraged by various governments, and senior members of the judiciary.

I would simply like to you know that there growing numbers of people feel that members of your profession are completely out of touch with the violent reality of today’s Britain, and unaccountable to the people whom they serve, and that this is something which must change.

Yours sincerely

David Davies

Monday, May 22, 2006

A civilized society?

The News of World has been doing a laudable job of campaigning against the secret bail hostels which have been springing up in town centres to house dangerous paedophiles.

Last Sunday the paper drew attention to the case of Robert Oliver, one of the beasts responsible for raping and killing a 14 year old boy. Oliver was jailed in 1989 for “life” but was out after just 8 years.

The real question is this: Why are these people ever allowed out of jail again? Why are their “human rights” worth so much more than the rights of the innocent who they raped and murdered? Reading this story it came home to me in stark terms that as a society we have plunged to a new low. So little do we care about the lives of our children that those who rape and kill them can be released back onto our streets after a few years in a comfortable prison watching television and making use of the abundant leisure facilities.

We no longer have the right to think of ourselves as a civilized society.