Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Blair Legacy

As our Prime Minister tours Africa in a desperate bid to ensure that he is remembered for something other than anarchy in Iraq he may care to consider the following random headlines which I have spotted in the last two days:

Overweight prisoners will be receiving their own personal fitness instructors, (paid for by the taxpayer of course)

Prolific thieves will be let off scott-free if they say “sorry” and promise not to rob for “a month or two,”

The lights in an abandoned school are being kept on 24 hours a day because the local council are concerned that burglars might injure themselves if they break in at night,

Millions of pounds are being spent paying the salaries of civil servants who don’t have a job, although some have now found work in special unit which has been set up to think of jobs to give the to the others,

“Academics” have decreed that schools which teach the benefits of marriage are “anti-gay”.

In light of all this (and much else besides) it is not entirely obvious to me why my own political party wish to make such a big show of attacking grammar schools.


Blogger Oscar said...

You are so right,all of those headlines you pointed out have been pertinant points for at least 14 years now. Back to the 97 election I thought we should have been making more of law and order and social security reform etc.
Alas we still wait!
I have to say I think upon reflection you were quite right about the right to defend ones self and home.
Yes with a taser if need be!

11:39 AM  
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