Sunday, February 18, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

Here is a link to a website which reports on what is being said each day by Tony Blair through his spokesman at the morning press conference. On 3rd May last year it was a litany of pathetic whining to try and justify the failure to deport dangerous Somali criminals back to their country.

Specifically the spokesman said it was to dangerous to fly planes into the country. Personally I would have thought it would be incredibly easy to deport people to Somalia. You simply fly them to Kenya and drive them North to the border then wave them across. Better still pay a Somali driver to pick them up on the border and take them to the nearest town. Easy.

Basically I would have readily accepted the excuse about not flying people into Somalia in planes and looked for alternatives.

How naïve of me, because when they needed to the Government had no problem flying a plane straight into Somalia at very short notice. Unfortunately they weren’t deporting rapists muggers or other violent criminals (human rights etc etc) Instead at a reported cost of £50,000 the plane was sent to rescue a number of young “Britons” who had voluntarily gone into this benighted country and were apparently fighting with terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

Safely back in Blighty they were released after a bit of perfunctory questioning. They are now able to organise their next sojourn to a Jihadi frontline safe in the knowledge that our government will willingly go to great expense to charter a jet to fly then home at the drop of a hat if they get into any difficulties. Doubtless they will also be entitled to generous backdated benefits claims for the time spent away.

Ah well at least we have now established that the Foreign Office can fly planes into Somalia. No doubt we will now see some of its citizens who have come here and broken our laws being deported back there.

Or am I just being naïve again…..